Planning for personnel

macs Human Resources

macs Human Resources (HR)

With macs HR, FTEs and the resulting costs are sustainably planned and controlled. The company's staffing situation is presented on the basis of all or selected employees and their costs.

Presents and planning of the personnel situation

On this basis, further planning, forecast and scenarios are possible in different dimensions and different time horizons. Taking into account all salary and salary components as well as all access and departure in the company, macs HR allows for the month- long personnel cost planning.

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) 
  • Head Counts
  • Personnel Planning
  • Salary Planning


Reporting and monitoring

Standard reports for the Federal Statistical Office, for example, Personnel Structure Report or the employee's birthday list generates macs as quickly and without problems as individually configurable reports and plan deviations. macs can be monitoren in terms of employment and training contracts, and represents age structures of individual employees, entire departments and even company wide.

macs HR

Taxation of special business situations

All possible scenarios for planning and controlling special business situations such as short- time work, personal savings potential and transfer costs are determined by macs, regardless of the existing database systems in the enterprise. For pending personnel actions, macs allows meaningful cost forecasts and provides a value based foundation for successful decisions.

Secure and exact

macs HR determines exact data on different payroll groups and can integrate these personal cost records into the Module macs Cost Center and macs Product Costing as always up to date calculation bases.

  • Brutto personic demand
  • Staffing requirements, planning
  • Workforce Management
  • Staffing requirements
  • Personnel deployment planning
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