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macs Cost Center

macs Cost Center  

macs Cost Center meets all requirements of timely and effective controlling across industries. The focus of the module is on border plan cost accounting, so

macs is special

macs differentiates between proportional costs and fixed costs. In planning and control, macs also takes into account so-called secondary cost centers, i.e. those that provide services for other cost centers.

  • Effective cost control by those responsible
  • Calculation of cost estimates for the calculation
  • Indirect fixed cost representation and offset
  • Provision of base data for investment invoices (Replacement, Supplement, etc.)
  • overhead management
  • Cost responsibility
  • Straffes project management
  • process cost accounting

Exact cost rates

Due to the retrograde resolution of the plan production in the course of cost planning per cost center and type of performance, the calculation of the cost rates is carried out. The setpoint cost calculation in macs Cost Center allows the deviation analysis at cost centers or cost centers. Reference size level (consumption deviations and offset differences, which also include the employment deviation).

  • Primary Cost
  • Secondary Cost
  • Billing on cost carriers
  • Billing at cost centers
  • Offsetting into the profit center bill
macs CostCenter

Transparent quantity and value planning

The cost rates are broken down by cost-card groups. After prop and fix separately, macs will pass the values to the calculation system. Dividing the costs into primary and secondary makes it possible to plan precise quantity planning with prices of resources as well as perfect value planning. The cost structure in the result statement is safe, clean, and impeccable . The transparency of costs creates an awareness of the effective improvement of processes, cost savings and productivity gains.

macs all costs. The Cost Center module enables the company to assume responsibility for costs and to control costs by individual persons or entire departments. With macs Cost Center, Controlling is a matter of all.

  • Decentral control
  • Assumption of responsibility for costs
  • Controlling becomes a matter for all
macs Controlling Software - macs Cost Center - Transparente Mengen- und Werteplanung

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